Ranking my Rankin

It’s December 2008. I’m living in London. A photography hobbyist. It’s my passion, but not yet my pursuit. I’m wandering down the Southbank and find myself outside the National Theatre, surrounded by an awe inspiring installation of portraits by Rankin– not he of the soda bread fame, but John Rankin Waddell, British portrait and fashion […]

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Child Photography Widnes

Child Photographer Widnes

Retouching the reality with our Child Photographer Widnes We’ve all seen it, those famous “Photoshop-fails” when an editor has taken it too far, resulting in superhuman models with no hips, legs thinner than Bambi’s and skin so flawless it would put a Disney Princess to shame. Photo-retouching is amazing, but all too often overused. When […]

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