Child Photographer Widnes

Child Photography Widnes
28th March 2019

Retouching the reality with our Child Photographer Widnes

We’ve all seen it, those famous “Photoshop-fails” when an editor has taken it too far, resulting in superhuman models with no hips, legs thinner than Bambi’s and skin so flawless it would put a Disney Princess to shame. Photo-retouching is amazing, but all too often overused.

When I started photography, way back in the 90’s (when we only had one shoe in the entire village and we all worked down the mines to earn a crust of bread…on a good day) I shot on film and editing options were limited to say the least. My aim was to get images right in camera and although the ability to manipulate images has improved beyond belief with the onset of digital photography, I still have that aim in mind every time I click the shutter. I use light as my paintbrush!

And here’s the rub- babies and children should look imperfect! There! I said it! They are bundles of energy and whirlwinds of beautiful chaos when they land in our worlds and turn them upside down. They are not little porcelain dolls, their cheeks have colour, sometimes they dribble a bit, they even cry, and these are the things that I love most about children’s photography and will record for you least you never forget. But sometimes they have little milk spots, maybe a scratch when their mittens have eluded them, or a dribble of their last feed making an unwelcome re-appearance. As a newborn and family photographer I capture this all, but I understand you may not want this blown up on a 5ft canvas gracing your family home for the next 30 years, and this is when I’ll step in with a little light editing.

I soften the skin a touch, remove any little blemishes and enhance the colours slightly- and that’s it! Your child’s portrait looks natural, relaxed and organic, just as I feel family photography should! If you want a Stepford robot family, head to Hollywood, Ms Kardashian. Here at Little Wonderland Photography I keep it natural. Our differences are our character, and what is a portrait if it doesn’t capture just that?

Capturing the adventure,

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Becca x