Little Wonderland Photography Covid-19 Risk Assessment

26th May 2020

As businesses start to gear up to reopening, I felt it right to be fully transparent on all I have assessed and implemented as I plan to reopen my photography studio. I know how worried parents are. I know we are all overwhelmed with advice and opinion. Know I have agonised over this, for your safety, my own, my family and society. I want to make sure you know you can trust me, as always.

Following government advice on working safely during COVID-19 in shops and branchesI have fully assessed what is and is not possible within my working space. With a little creative thinking, tweaks to set ups and a new workflow implemented, I am pleased to announce that from 1st July I will be ready to reopen to Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Cake Smash sessions, maintaining a two metre distance at all times.

Sessions for Families, Toddlers, Older Children, Sibling Groups and Pets will remain outdoors, socially distanced for now as I feel this is the safest approach when it comes to multiple personalities and unpredictable little ones, light on their feet and full of energy! I mainly shoot on a tele-lens, which means I can be far away, yet achieved beautiful close up images. Perfect.

My studio sessions will have to adapt and will differ in style to my usual work for the time being slightly. Newborn/baby sessions in particular will change as I am unable to get close enough to pose the baby safely, an art which I have trained for years to be able to achieve a certain look. 

Cake Smash sessions will remain much the same, but parents be prepared to be quite hands on as I won’t be able too! I also feel that at this time the bath section of cake smashes will not be included as it is too much of a risk with water splashes etc.

There will be little tweaks here and there, but I assure you at all times, as always, safety is my priority, as is giving you the best possible experience and capturing memories and images you will adore!

I’ll be contacting my postposed clients first to get them organised before taking new bookings- please contact me to be on my waiting list and I will fit you in as soon as I can.

Below is an overview of my general procedures and restrictions I’ll be implementing on reopening the studio.


  • No shoes or outerwear in the studio.
  • Contactless temperature taken on arrival.
  • Hand washing on arrival and hand sanitizer provided.
  • Two metre distance maintained at all times.
  • Maximum two adults and two children allowed.
  • Participants must be from the same household.
  • 24 hour gap between Newborn, Baby, Maternity & Cake Smash sessions.
  • 60 minute gap between themed sessions for older children shot on restricted days.
  • All surfaces/props will be fully cleaned between sessions.
  • Session times will be limited to one hour maximum.
  • Session will be postponed due to government restriction or Covid-19 symptoms displayed in client or photographer. Deposit will be refunded if reschedule is not possible.
  • Masks can be worn on request, but are not required as per government advice if two metre distance adhered to.
  • No physical contact between client and photographer at any time. Parents take full responsibility for supervising their child’s movements. 
  • A full prep guide will be sent to clients ahead of their session with detailed procedures.