The Origin Story

1st April 2019

For as long as I can remember I have loved cameras. I love photography and it’s power to tell a story concisely. I love that photography is both a science and an art and is personal and public and a whole manner of contradictions. I love people and observing them and predicting their next move. I love capturing the moment. I love sharing that moment.

Photography started as a hobby for me when I was a teenager, back when every photograph was a precious experiment and you had to wait up to two weeks to see your film developed. For some reason, as I entered higher education, I thought Photography wasn’t a realistic career, it wasn’t a job you could have. It didn’t seem attainable, growing up in a small town, I knew no “artists” and had no idea how to become one. It was still prohibitively expensive and hard to have the money to experiment, develop film and expand my knowledge. Instead, I followed my creative passions, studied Media at university (2.1 thank you very much) and decided that a career in television production was a much more attainable goal. Don’t ask me my logic on that one.

Off to London I went, where I spent most of my 20’s, and, starting from the bottom holding queue cards up for Tess Daly whilst she bounced around on SMTV, I ended my time in London as an Archive Producer working on the BAFTA winning Newswipe with the amazingingly hilarious and cynical Charlie Brooker. I loved it all. But it was very stressful, and for what? Tele. Just tele. Back up North we came, house buying, grown up stuff, parenthood.

I decided not to go back to work full time once I had my daughter and as she got older and more and more independent and started nursery I knew I needed to do something for me, something to make me feel like I was growing and progressing. The devil makes works for idle hands. So I thought, what can I do? What do I enjoy doing? What can I apply my project management skills to, be creative and still be around at school pick up time?

Photography. I love photographing and documenting and also creating – I enjoy sewing and make lots for my shoots. I’m also part Womble, and love a rummage around a vintage shop sourcing individual and unique props for my shoots and upcycling. Having embraced the freedom of digital photography I decided it was time to make my passion my pursuit.

So Little Wonderland Photography was born in 2013. Aimed at what I knew and loved to photograph – children, babies and families. Newborn Photography has taken a lot of training and studying to perfect and I’ve created a well honed workflow so you get the best from your time with me, safely. And through a lot of hard work, perseverance, creative thinking and growth, I’m really proud of where I am right now. I started with nothing except my camera and one lens and have built up what I hope people can see is fully professional service. From point of contract to delivering final images I try my utmost to serve my Little Wonders with images that they will cherish forever, and I’ll probably be forever doing this!