Why creatives need deposits

A deposit is a commitment. It shows that you take me seriously. That you are ready to invest in me. That you value and appreciate my creativity.

A deposit is protection. It protects my time for you. It protects me from no-shows. From me sitting in the studio having cleared my schedule, having heated and cleaned and styled the studio, and having turned other paying clients away.

A deposit is also an indication that when your session comes around, you'll be ready and willing to pay me for the time I've given you before your shoot, planning your shoot, during your shoot, and the days afterwards when I work on your images and products.

A deposit is a buffer. If something unexpected comes up, let me know with notice and I'll always be flexible- but last minute cancellations are tough. It's very rare I'll be able to fill the slot, and if I don't work I can't pay myself a wage. Everyone else's bad luck becomes mine. And it's tiring. But with a deposit I can at least still cover my basic business costs (insurance, utilities, website, banking, SEO, memberships, advertising- the bills don't stop when I do).

So I run my business with my head. And I insist on deposits before my time is committed to you, because I know my worth, and my true little wonders do too. So thank you for all of you who get it and don't make me feel like I'm singing for my supper again and again xxx