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Half term Friday 3rd November 2023


School Portraits with personality

When my daughter started school and brought home her first school portrait I looked at the image of my child and didn't really recognise her- shot on a conveyor belt of children in school, she had no time to relax, trust or get to know the photographer or build a connection. As cute as she looked, the smile looked forced and her pose formal- she just wasn't her!

So, being the creative mind that I am, I decided to create the Little Wonderland Photography Alternative School Portraits.

A school portrait perfect for those just starting their school adventures, sibling or even cousin groups and older children too who you want a true portrait of.

Not only will you get beautiful and unique images to share with family and friends, they'll genuinely have fun too- and that's why I have so many Little Wonders who come back to me year after year!

"Becca has been our photographer for many years and she has made me feel so happy and comfortable whilst taking our photos. She is amazing and every time she makes it so fun and I always enjoy when she takes our photos." Siena, age 10

My School portraits take place every August and are released for sale in April via my mail list SIGN UP HERE