The wild one

Did you know that 10/10 children don't stay still for a moment? They love to run and skip and glide around, burning off all that energy (yeah right). When I photograph children I really love to make it a fun experience for them- movement, silly games, jumping for joy. It helps them relax, feel free and really show off who they are, right now, and they'll look back at these images of childhood exuberance with glee!

The sweet one

After I've tired them out a bit (yeah right) it's always a must for me to grab a few different "mantlepiece" shots as I call them! Still shot with a relaxed and fun style, these images are a little more posed and are sure to be number one choice of Grandma and Grandpa to display proudly in a gilded frame- and probably ones you'd love on a massive piece of wall art too!

The natural one

Call me strange, but a natural moment with true expression is much more important to me than your children square on to the camera giving it the wide eyed "cheese" face. Cheese face is not who they are. Cheese face is not fun. Cheese face is forced.

Creating giggles and reactions are what I love, and what makes children love the experience of being photographed by me.

The individual one

Capturing your children together is an essential- and probably the main reason you booked a family or sibling portrait session with me. It's impossible to get them both to look and focus at the same time for family snaps on the fly, so it's really worth investing in professional photography and my arsenal of little tricks I use to guide children (and adults!) to look happy, focused and natural. And I love to use my magic to create solo portraits of your children too, giving them their moment to shine and show who they are, right now, before they change and grow in a blink of any eye.

There's no better time than now...

If even the slightest bit of you is drawn to my photography, hop off the fence and get in touch!

I specialise in all things family- Maternity, babies, preschoolers, children, family groups, pets, Christenings, welcomings, commitment ceremonies, weddings, vow renewals, school portraits and a little bit of work for local schools, performing arts groups and businesses too.

Get in touch now- I promise to give you the info you need in a clear and open way with zero pester power to book with me :) But you will want to...!