Life isn't perfect...

...and I'm not attempting to hide that fact. In imperfection we can find real, authentic beauty. Happy poignant memories. Honest moments. Our individuality should be celebrated. If we remove everything that makes someone unique life would be become pretty vanilla, and vanilla is fine, but if everything was vanilla the scoops would become tasteless. So I'm not in the business of changing features or augmenting bodies or removing anything permanent that makes you and your babies you.

But here's what I do edit for most sessions- those little non-permanent occurrences that almost always happen to children, babies and even adults when you have a photoshoot scheduled.

Cuts and scratches

New babies are almost primed to claw their own face as soon as they lose a mitten. Fact.

Little distractions

When they are on the move, babies and toddlers are a law unto themselves- you have to be quick to grab those moments. So if a toy has been discarded in shot, or they're not quite perfectly in position on the backdrop, I'm going to take the shot anyway and edit out those little distractions afterwards, so your focus is solely on the subject of your portrait- your little wonder.

1 year old baby stood, cruising, by window. Little Wonderland Photography Widnes Cheshire


Toddlers are most likely to bump their head or graze their knees the day before your shoot. I'm ready to digitally soothe!


I often joke I am a "digital nose picker" because newborn babies and young children seem to have a talent for harvesting little treats up there that are so distracting in their portrait!

Illustration of newborn baby skin editing by Little Wonderland Photography, Widnes Cheshire


I'm not talking those beautiful little newborn milk spots, I'm thinking angry looking eruptions that just scream for your attention. I'll clone those little distractions out, whilst leaving skin with a natural texture because your child is a human and not a china doll.


How glamorous is my life? Really?! Young children are just so leaky! They dribble when they are happy, they almost always have a sniffle and sometimes they're overwhelmed and shed a little tear! Thankfully, tears are short lived and I always find a way with your help to get those smiles- but a bit of moisture might linger, and that's when editing comes in!

toddler sat in crate portrait by Little Wonderland Photography Widnes Cheshire

Want to know more?

Let me know who's faces you love so much that you'd like me to create beautiful images for you to cherish and let's get that ball rolling!