No pressure- but this is FOREVER!

Congratulations on choosing me to capture memories for you that will endure and be passed down through generations, year after year, shared along with stories and memories, and serve as part of your families history! Or maybe just hang on your wall! But whatever you're going to do with them the question remains... what are you going to wear for this monumental occasion?!

Welcome to Little Wonderlands handy guide to help take away any pressure you might be feeling.

I want you to be relaxed, at ease, comfortable but most of all, authentically you!

Scroll for my top tips so you can all look and feel your best!

My Top tips!

Plain, comfortable, simple clothing works best, the more simple and traditional the better. You don't want to be constantly hitching down a skirt or fluffing with your top hat and tails. You want to be able to focus on those people most important to you. And me!

It's really down to your personal taste though- if you love bold colour, go with it! If you like muted tones, whack them on! Have special outfits from a big day that you didn't manage to immortalise at a family event? Dust them off! These are your images, so don't try to imitate whatever seems to be trending on Pinterest, be you!

That being said, I'd really really try to avoid logo/character t-shirts/sports clothes with massive brands on etc. as this not only will date your images really quickly, but will be distracting to the eye, pulling attention away from the natural moments I create. We are aiming for a timeless snapshot of your family and your connection, not a billboard ad for your favoured brand/cartoon/football team.

Having a colour scheme in common works really well for group shots- think denim, neutrals and a splash of colour to match the season. Or go vibrant and bold if that's your jam! Think like Steps on a chilled out Sunday, or an updated opening credits of Friends, or the wrap party of a Tim Burton movie if you want to get your Goth on. Matchy, but not Von Trapp up-cycled curtains matchy. These references are showing my age. Erm. A commanders family from Handmaids Tale? Good job nobody reads blogs properly and the 90's are on trend anyway...

Moving on...

Back to sharing my actual knowledge- Here are some examples of colour palettes that work well together for inspiration. You're welcome.

Dress for the season

There's no such thing as bad weather- only bad clothing! Look at the sky, feel for a breeze, sense the sunrays, it'll all help!


What works? A simple plain cotton or linen dress, a plain white vest or shirt and denim/plain shorts etc.....the more timeless the outfits the better! Colours that complement but contrast greenery work well- blues, whites, pinks, florals are super for spring and summer.

Shoes wise, these need to be relatively practical as there may be nettles about, along with other woodland treats and there is a little walking (and running and jumping) involved depending on your location and your children's ages.

Where possible, I will take the children's shoes off for more styled shots but I obviously wont have them walking around barefoot on woodland paths.


Reds are great for winter! Cosy traditional coats. Hats, scarfs, and dressing in layers so if the weather allows we can whip the coats off for a few shots. Whites are always good. Even a little sparkle works outdoors this time of year. Keep it simple...there is bound to be mud afoot and you don't want hand wash only sequins covered in muck.

For autumn rust tones, oranges and yellows are perfect. Again, layers are perfect, and brightly coloured red or yellow wellies are great for your little ones as they explore a puddle or two!

There will be fun, there will be exploration, there may be mud, so bare that in mind when donning your finery!

Still not sure what to wear?

You can check out more outfit inspiration in my family gallery here- but remember, the most important accessories are being ready to have fun, snuggle up, maybe be a bit silly, and smile!

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