It's no secret that newborn baby photographers like me love a sleepy baby. They're easy to settle, pose, keep content and photograph in a variety of set ups and poses and undoubtedly this is the favoured way of adding plenty of variety to your babies gallery of images and art to your homes walls!

But I secretly love it when babies are awake (and content!) during their session. There's something so beautiful about photographing the details of their eyes at this young age- the likelihood their eyes will change colour is high, so why not capture this detail?

They often can't focus, it's one of the many skills they'll quickly have to learn, and I love getting that early stage on camera for you.

The way they wrinkle their tiny nose. How they respond to your movements. How, even at this early stage they know when you are close and follow your movements. That's magic.

They can look happy, intrigued, curious, incredulous and grumpy, all within 10 seconds of movement! I love it!

And I don't care what anyone says- week old babies can and do smile! they're so happy to be here!

Becca x

Does your baby deserve their moment to shine?

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