...A photography sessions without the pressure to spend.

Have you ever received a gift voucher for an experience that sounds lovely on paper- a hotel stay, a meal for two in an exclusive restaurant, a photography experience voucher??!

You're grateful and excited. This is something you'd love to do, a true gift to enjoy that you would never treat yourself to. You really can't wait. You're "gassed" (yeah, I'm down with the kids).

But then...

You realise the Hotel is a 4 hour train journey away. The meal doesn't include drinks. The photography experience...doesn't include any images to keep!

You have a quick look online.

The train journey is going to cost you £300 each!

The hotel is the UK's number one vintage champagne bar! And you have to buy by the Methuselah (google it. I did)!!

The photography experience? Well, the photography experience doesn't even have a price list available. All will be revealed to you during an emotional big screen slideshow of your images and you'll have to choose what you'd like there and then, in the moment, under pressure, as the studio's salesperson uses language like "which one's shall I delete/lose/cull/destroy/send to photographic hell to burn?".

You'll feel like they are going to destroy your memories if you don't buy every image. But they only come as a massive 5 ft canvas and you'll have to remortgage as the music swells to a crescendo and you wipe away the bitter sweet tears that yes, you have something beautiful from your gift, but you hadn't planned to be eating bean on toast for the next 6 months to pay for it. And yes, "bean on toast", 'cause you can only afford one tin. For 6 months.

That's when it's not a gift.

I hate that. Really. Truly. Rubbish.

So my vouchers are different, because I'm a human and not a faceless company and the thought of in person sales makes my skin crawl. I just want to make pretty portraits, I don't have time for all of that sideshow palaver and hoodwinking!

You can buy my Little Wonderland Vouchers for any cash amount for the recipient to put towards a session (great if you know they are already booked in with me), you can buy your loved one a full portrait session tailored to their child's/babies/families/pets ages and stages of development, or for a limited time in December I have £45 mini session vouchers available as a taster for studio/outdoor sessions bookable January- April 2023.

These include a private online viewing gallery which they can view with no pressure, from the comfort of their own home, and choose an image of their choice to receive as not only a fabulous exhibition standard 12x8" print, but a matching digital image too- theirs to print and share how they like, where they like, forever.

If you've chosen the recipient well, they might even give you a copy too! Winner winner, roast turkey/nut roast dinner!

Oh- and I'll email you the voucher too so no stress about postal strike related delays here!

Interested? Get in touch now before they're all gone!