Time to settle in

Through my years of experience of photographing preschoolers, children and their families, there's one thing I've learnt to be consistently true- you just don't know how a child is going to react! They might be super happy and ready to go, or that might be a bit clingy and need time to feel at ease. 10 minute sessions would be useless- what if baby decides to scream the house down, overwhelmed with the new experience? Can you imagine the pressure for them (and me) to perform?

My Christmas sessions are approx 30 minutes, allowing extra time to settle in and relax if needed, so you can relax knowing there's time for me to coax your little ones character out.

Time to be safe

Babies, toddlers and children can be an unpredictable bunch, and you never know when they might decide to do the unexpected. My Christmas Portrait sessions allow me time to assess a childs developmental stage and what poses/props are appropriate. Younger babies might need safely posing in a prop, propping up if they're not quite sitting and older children need time to have safe boundaries explained to them.

As an example, the above image looks like this little one year old is sat independently on this ladder. In reality, her mother is holding her secure. I'd never attempt anything precarious for the sake of a photograph, and this takes time to implement.

Time to explore

I always start a themed Christmas session with a game plan- ideal poses and age appropriate props to get the most variety for your gallery. This means there's lots and lots of exciting things to explore in the studio- and when baby gets naturally curious I love to capture these moments too. I feel this is often where I'll discover your babies character, resulting in portraits that capture their sense of fun and indiviuality.

Time to be free

No two children are the same. Just look at your own kids- I bet they all have their own niche they fit in to perfectly? The quiet one. The thinker. The crazy one. The dancer. The mover. the shaker.

My Christmas themed portrait sessions allow us the time to explore what makes them giggle and smile and boogie their little butts off if that's what they want!

Time for your gallery...

This investment of time means your gallery will be full of images that you'll adore, offering you the best range to choose from this Christmas.

After the session I'll send you a link to your own private online viewing gallery and you'll get to choose your favourite images to download as part of your package.

What's great about downloads is that you then have the freedom to share or print the images how you like, where you like, forever. Handy if you want to use them as Christmas gifts, order some personalised Christmas cards or whack them up on your social media feed so friends and family near and far can get that festive feeling!

I shoot my Christmas sessions in November so you have plenty of time to get creative- once you confirm your order with me I aim to have your edited images ready within 3 days.

Time goes by so quickly, so I like to use it wisely so your timeless memories are properly invested in.

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