They say never work with children or animals...

For me, children and babies are my joy, but animals, particularly of the stuffed variety, are my nemesis! The combination of stiff joints and the general stubbornness of an inanimate object (sorry Toy Story fans) mean they never quite lie how I want them! And don't even start me on engaging with the camera! Eye contact? No chance!

So during this recent newborn shoot when Mum and Dad brought along this classically beautiful little Harrods Bear I had an instant vision of him cuddling up to baby. But would he lie at the correct angle whilst looking at the camera? Of course not! But I wouldn't be beaten!

Baby's lovely Mummy stepped in as my glamorous assistant and held ted in the correct position, moving her hands for different shots, so I had images I could combine to create this little big spoon little spoon pose!

I couldn't be happier! This will be such a beautiful image to look at as baby grows and his parents can compare the size of teddy to baby every year. Timeless.

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newborn baby composite image with teddy bear by Little Wonderland Photography Widnes Cheshire