...and those that teach it are the real super heroes.

Childhood is about fun. It's about laughter and joy, testing your capabilities, expressing yourself and feeling free to be silly.

At least it should be. But then school starts and it becomes about conforming and achieving academically. About burying your natural urges to be silly and instead to knuckle down and be sensible for most of the time. Sadly, the arts and creative subjects aren't the focus of the curriculum which is a great dis-service to society and our children. Creative thinking is such an essential skill, and expressing yourself creatively is where many children find their voice and confidence.

Last week I spent an evening photographing the wonderful children and youths theatre company, the Andrew Curphey Theatre Company. It was such a privilege to see the children working hard but having fun doing so. The confidence these children and young people have is outstanding- they work so hard to produce two shows at The Brindley Theatre each year which are always a sell out.

Andrew and his team run the classes with absolute passion and heart. I think what I love most about the company is that it's not at all competitive. It's not about being the best, the loudest, the most perfect or competing for the biggest parts and standing out. It's all about being inclusive, having fun and being creative and entertaining for the love of it. You can see this on the children's faces in every moment of the class, and in the enthusiasm that radiates from every single teacher. It really is a super power. And I'm so grateful these guys are sharing it with our children.

ACTC have classes in Drama, Musical Theatre, Performing Arts and Dance for 5-19 years old in Widnes, Frodsham, Warrington and Runcorn. Find out more here.