Keeping it real

As someone who finds beauty in reality, in our differences and uniqueness, my approach when photographing babies or anyone or anything is to keep it all natural as possible. I like to get things right in camera using correct settings and lighting- I love working with people so the more time I can spend in the studio and the less time on the computer the better!

That being said, there's always a little something I can "nudge" along a bit to enhance what's already there, but without altering my subject so they look "unreal" in a bad way! Plus, my studio is multifunctional, so to get the best out of my space, I sometimes have to extend backgrounds on what I shoot to get that flawless little wonderland look!

I thought I'd pop an example before/after from a newborn shoot- see if you can spot the differences?

Read more about my Newborn and baby sessions here and get in touch if you have any questions about how I can help you invest in your memories.

Becca x