In a competitive industry how do you know you're doing well?

As a self taught photographer, I'm often plagued with imposter syndrome. I hold no photography qualifications, this industry is completely unregulated, I have no business qualifications, no social media training, nothing formal. Just a camera in my hand since I was 14 years old, a degree in Media & Communication and a background in television production which taught me essential skills I apply every day, a passion for creating smiles and beauty, and the impulsiveness when I have a silly thought to blurt it out and hope it amuses you!

I tend to ignore the "competition". I have no interest in what others charge, what others include, how others present themselves. My pricing isn't emotional, it's guided by my trustee spreadsheet- How long will this take me? How much do the products cost? Postage? My overheads? The blummin' heating??!!!

I don't knowingly follow trends. I shoot how I like, style for my eye, making the most of the space I have and predicting the behaviour or the babies/children I photograph through experience.

Comparison is the thief of joy, so I just don't anymore!

So how do I know if I'm doing well? If I'm providing a service people want, in a way they want it delivered?

In quiet periods, I find myself forgetting that my work can be quite seasonal. I start panicking I'm not offering the right kind of products. That people just want digital images. Or they just want wall art. Or what they really desire are all the props I don't have, or they want a massive studio with a full concierge service. Or maybe it's my booking process? Or maybe it's just January and everyone's skint and cold and hibernating.

At times like this I have to remind myself of my Little Wonders. My little loyal ones, the many who come back to me time and time again. That choose me for every one of their babies milestones. Because they don't have to, but they do. And I'm honoured to be part of their families adventure.

At the weekend I photographed the latest member of this little tribe so thought it would be fun to do a side by side of their visits to me- number one in 2017, number two in 2019 and now again in 2022! I can see so much similarity in their little faces! And I love seeing how the girls have each adapted to becoming big sisters!

So thanks to all of you who choose to return to me. Let's create your Little Wonderland together!

Becca x