Pop up and play!

I shot these mini sessions in a local church hall kitchen- literally 5 minutes with each child!

When you are photographing toddlers you really can't predict what they are going to do so that's why I like to have more time with them to capture their personalities and work out what really makes them tick.

When I shoot toddlers outside we have the space to explore, play and discover things that make us smile together.

When I photograph toddlers in my studio I can control the light, have props and toys on hand to get the best out of them and make sure it's warm and cosy and relaxed.

Popping up in a kitchen was a novelty for me and I have to thank the lovely Tara at Bloom Toddler for letting me come along- if you are looking for a class for your little one you will not be disappointed, the children loved it and her!

I'm really pleased with the images I created and very grateful to those who have chosen their images and made me feel valued with their lovely feedback :)

I hope to see your little pumpkins again soon for more adventures!


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