Get them involved

I'm sure you've already read reams about making sure siblings don't feel usurped by the new arrival, and this will be all about getting them involved.

It's the same with your photoshoot.

A key phrase I like to encourage parents to use with their toddlers is "we're going to make some photographs together". The key here is "make" not "take". Often, toddlers associate "take" with punishment eg "stop doing that with your toy or I'll take it off you". So here at Little Wonderland it's all about the making! And it's so true...a beautiful portrait of you all is a group effort. I can only photograph what is there!

There's more tips on involving your toddler with your newborn safely in this super NCT article.

Practice being close

If they're unsure at all, suddenly thrusting a baby in to their arms in my studio isn't the best, or safest plan!

I'll only place baby safely and with you within arms reach with toddlers, but this is something to practice ahead of time if they are open to it.

Snuggle you toddler in to a familiar chair, prop some cushions around them to support their arms and gently place baby in the nook of their arm. keep your hands supporting babies neck as you do this to make sure if your toddler is suddenly "done" you have baby secure. Build their confidence slowly and steadily so when they come to me it's a "new trick" they can show off!

You can also try laying baby and your toddler down next to each other on a soft surface, with their heads close together and encourage interaction that way.

Dress for comfort

You may have a vision of your toddler in their fanciest outfit for their portraits, and this is great if they love dressing up, but if they are at all fussy this is just going to add to the stress of getting you all ready to leave the house and might not be best for their mood or tolerance level! Comfort is key. The more relaxed your toddler feels the better our chances for a happy face!

I'm a massive fan of Zara outfits- they have a great neutral palette and items that can be mixed and matched.

Better still, if you have time get yourself on Vinted and source to preloved outfits! My mate The Spotty Banana has some lovely preloved bits too!

Don't push it

At the end of the day, your toddlers world has just turned upside down and they are bound to be a little overwhelmed. Often, toddlers are expecting a babbling bundle of joy, when what they get is a noise machine that takes up so much of their parents attention. So yeah, I get it, they might be feeling a little apprehensive about interacting with baby and the worst thing we can do is force them to. They'll do what they want when they are ready. You can encourage them by asking them to count babies toes or asking them if the baby smells of strawberries- this can tale adventure of little ones inquizitive minds and make the interactions much more natural rather than forced.

Are you expecting?

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