Show him you and always

Some may argue that "every day is Father's Day", as they live the rewarding life of nurturing their little wonders and basking in the joy, love and respect of parenthood. The cuddles, the giggles, the perfection.

Not me though. I know the realities of family life, the tantrums, the scuffed knees, checking under the bed for the boogeyman, the meals flung on the floor, removing all creepy crawlies, repeating yourself, feeling taken for granted, and repeating yourself. Not to mention repeating yourself!!

So that's why the Dad in your life, be you a little kid drawing a card in crayon, or a fully grown responsible adult yourself with your own kids, deserves a real treat to show how much he's cherished this June 18th 2023.

So here's a realistic list of suggestions from your friendly family photographer which is in no way biased towards any industry for ones own benefit in any way, honest.

Fathers Day socks on washing line

Five: Socks!

You know how nearly every pair he wears have seen better days? They might have expired by your standards, but he clings on to them anyhow? Proudly displayed in his sandles?

Well that's because each pair he owns has special meaning to him.

He know's where he was when he first laid eyes on them. It's a special deep rooted bond between man and footwear and that's why he wears them to the point they have more holes than a sieve- he can't bare to part with them. You can be part of that story. Buy him socks.

Multiple cups of tea and coffee

Four: Another mug!

A versatile vessel that's a metaphor for how he carries you through your life.

The father- he who insulates you from all life's troubles, keeps you warm through the bleak times, contains you when you're in danger of boiling over. May be slightly chipped or stained from leaving the bag in too long. Milk in first or last? One lump of two? I've lost the gist of what I was saying now.

It's a mug. He can shove it in the overfilled kitchen cupboard with the rest of them. Or stick pens in it on his desk. Golden.

Mens underpants flat lay

Three: Pants!

What's the time? Ten past nine. Hang your knickers on the line. When they're dry, take them in, put them in the biscuit tin. Eat a biscuit, eat a cake.

Eat your knickers by mistake.

Source- every playground I've ever been on.

Number one dad trophies

Two: Best Dad Award!

A paradox in itself, if well meaning. How can there be more than one? There's even two of the bloody dust collectors in this stock photo! If my Dad is Number One, how can your Dad claim the same title?

This can only end in violence. Maybe this is the true source of all "mankind's" conflicts?

I revoke this suggestion. It's not wise in today's climate. You might as well skip to my final suggestion now, I won't even waste my time finishing this really well constru...

Little Wonderland Proudly Presents:

At Number One!

A family portrait with me!

Of course! The answer was staring us all in the face from the beginning!

Your face! His face! Their faces!

My face, looking at your face, doing weird things with my face to make your faces not be awkward faces but happy smiley genuine relaxed faces.

Father's Day is a great excuse to make sure you are ALL in the picture, and gives him a break from being the photographer right? Cause we all know Dad's are just always snapping away aren't they? Endlessly capturing natural moments of you and your kids looking blummin' gorgeous from great angles, no double chins or blinky eyes in sight, yes? No? Ok, you know where I am.

I'm happy to put together a voucher for as little as £45 for a mini Fathers Day shoot- studio or outdoor available to purchase this June 2023 only! Just drop me a line here.

Or if you think he'd not be up for it at all? He'd be as awkward as a Hippo in a pilates class, then just sack him off, you deserve better.

Not really! I'm sure he has his uses, don't rush in to anything. Just book a mini session for you and the kids, or just the kids pronto! And gift him an image of his favourite humans for Fathers Day 2023! You could even print it on some socks, a mug or some pants. Just don't get him that best Dad trophy, for the love of humanity. Stop it. Don't.