You're Pregnant!

Your body is amazing. Celebrate it. You may only do this once and you’ll forget so quickly how much you transformed. Take a moment of calm just for you. I believe so strongly that everyone should have a maternity shoot I even include them free as part of my main baby sessions.

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You have a new baby

It might be your first, it might be your twelfth, but it's 100% a special moment you should take the time to celebrate and record before this moment is gone. The tiny details of a newborn baby are a marvel. The emotion and joy of welcoming this little bundle. You'll never forget it if you have my images.

Your baby is sitting

I often joke that this is my favourite age to photograph! Babies this age (around 8 months and up) are usually full of giggles, proud of themselves and their new skill, interacting and showing personality and best of all...not crawling and stay in one place! If your baby has just started sitting get in touch and I'll squeeze you in for a sweet little session you'll just adore.

Happy first birthday!

Possibly my most popular excuse for a photoshoot with me! These are a perfect gift for a first birthday when your house is drowning in plastic toys and your little one has a more extensive wardrobe than you have! Go full on with a Cake Smash session or keep it classic with simple portraits. Your child will love looking back at the fun they had.

They grow so fast

I look back at my family photos and can't believe my daughter used to fit along my husbands arm! I see her toddling around chasing bubbles. Photo's of her chasing Daddy around the garden. I'm not in many of them, because obviously I was taking them! Great news for you is I can take your portraits! Capturing the fun of your families adventure, the chaos, the energy and those milli-seconds or calm (yes I have a fast shutter speed!). Anytime is the perfect time for family portraits. Now is where we are before it's gone.

Your fur baby is number one

Human and beast. There's no bond like it. Does you pet even know it's a dog? Are you wrapped around their little tail? You're all part of the same pack so they should be included in your family portraits. Or even have a session of their own?


I think this picture says it all. Why wouldn't you want to take the time to capture multi-generations in one image, an image that will be so important to you all in the future, and a source of joy in the now.

This kind of session makes a lovely gift for birthdays of the family matriarch/patriarch, for "big" birthdays or just because you love each other and want everyone to know.

You'll never look back and think "I wish we took less photos together".

Coupling up

Weddings, civil partnerships, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals. It's all about the two of you, your love and your commitment.

No matter if you are keeping it low key and intimate or going all out the only thing that lasts after the day is done are the photographs. They're not worth risking or leaving to chance, and that's why this is the main reason people hire a professional, experienced, wedding photographer.

There's so many styles of coverage though, so makes sure you see full examples of coverage before choosing the right photographer for you. You can see snapshots of my example wedding galleries here.


Welcoming a baby to your family with a naming ceremony, welcoming your little one to your church with a Christening, or welcoming them to your faith with a First Holy Communion, or any event that's important to your family and beliefs, I can be there recording it for them and you to look back on with joy. The love that fills a room for your child when the most important people in your life all gather together is immeasurably and the perfect reason to have it photographed professionally.

You're a pro

Headshots are an essential for your online profile, be it for work or pleasure.

Actors- I've got you covered with my studio sessions. I'll bring out the best in you so you can show your variety.

Profiles- for work or for dating, show the real you, your are your own shop front, make sure people want to come browse!

Strictly business

How you are seen online, on your social media and your website is your first contact with your potential clients or service users. In every sector, be it education, extra curricular clubs or retail your need to represent your brand in an engaging and vibrant way. And what's better than images that document what you do and how you do it to make you stand out?


If you are looking at a special and unique way to pop the question, why not hoodwink your loved one in to having what they think is a photoshoot to celebrate you both, but take the opportunity to surprise them with the biggest question! Having their reaction recorded for ever is a source of pure joy and the perfect way of recording your story together.