All those meaningful moments

For many people the one time they hire a professional photographer is on their wedding day,"the most special day of their lives". But all the days that you get to have are special. There are so many glimmers of joy and happiness and celebration and reasons you'd want someone present, dedicated to capturing all those moments that you might miss, so you can enjoy and live those moments as they happen and relive them for years to come.

So what events should you think about having photographed?

Christenings & naming ceremonies

Welcoming your new baby in to your family or your faith is such a special moment that you've spent so much time and effort planning. Hiring a professional photographer to be there to capture all those special moments and details is just an investment for you, it's an investment for your baby who will love being able to look at this special day in years to come. Prices.

And if your welcoming has been and gone and you realise with the busyness of the day you didn't quite manage to capture that perfect portrait of your babies special outfit I'm here with the skills to make your dreams gone true with a studio portrait session. Prices.

Gender Reveals & Pregnancy Announcements

You have all your nearest and dearest together, you have all that excitement and anticipation, you have that perfect creative idea and moment- balloons, cakes, confetti, smoke bombs- however you choose to reveal I'll be there to make sure you can relive that moment forever and re-share it with your baby. Prices

Baby showers

Let the celebrations of how fabulous this moment is begin! Everyone who's going to love your baby and support you on this journey, together. Fun, games, emotion, and your beautiful bump. Prices.


A surprise engagement takes planning, thoughtfulness and bravery! A great way of taking the pressure off is booking a couple or family photoshoot, and I'll guide you to the perfect moment through prompts to pop the question! You can guarantee they will be surprised and you'll be guaranteed beautiful photographs to look back on together. Prices.

Holy Communions

You could seek permission from the church to have your child's communion photographed, but the next best thing is a specially organised photoshoot of your love in their special outfit. You could organise this on the morning of the service, before hand, or I could meet you at your venue afterwards. Others have decided to organise this and a separate day, because what kid doesn't want an excuse to get all dressed up again? Prices Studio or Outdoor.

Weddings, Vow Renewals, Couplings

Photography and all things romantic go hand in hand. No matter if you're throwing a gigantic do with all the bells and whistles, or a more laid back, intimate arrangement, I'm there to compliment your day, not take over, and document your joy. Prices.

Awards, Dinners, Celebrations, Performances.

There is a whole world of events you might be investing your time in to planning, giving back to the people who mean the most to you and who do the most for others- photographing these special achievements and milestones is always an honour and gives those taking part the freedom to enjoy the moment, knowing that they'll have photographs to look back on, share with their loved ones, and cherish as much as they are! Prices.