Babies are genius

How quickly does that first year go? Doesn't it feel like just yesterday when you brought your brand new baby home? Those never ending nights as you were finding your feet and they were learning everything- how to sleep, how to feed, how to settle themselves and how to give the best little cuddles!

How far they've come

And those first months- learning to smile, to giggle, to role over, commando crawl...bum shuffle. Crawling. First sounds and words. Maybe even first steps.

It all happens in the blink of an eye and that's what's so lovely about celebrating their first birthday with a portrait session- you'll get to capture just how far they've come, whatever stage they are at. And the best bit? You'll have the images forever so they'll be able to enjoy them too as they get older and older.

Their very first birthday

Cake smashes are a great way to record their progress- every baby is exactly where they need to be for them, so let's celebrate them!

My sessions start with a more traditional portrait of them relaxing in to the studio, exploring their surroundings and playing with toys and balloons, and showing off their skills if they are sitting, shuffling, crawling, cruising or toddling as well as showing those essentials we don't even think about- grip, depth perception, hearing and communication. This not only makes for lovely images, but helps them get their confidence to be themselves, all ready for their cakey treat!

Snack time!

We then move on to cakey fun! This demonstrates their personalities- are they like a bull in a china shop, diving in hands and head first? Or are they move careful and considered, investigating tentatively with curiosity? They explore texture, colour, and taste in this messy play session- we get to see them do their thing- sit, crawl, walk, move around, smile and giggle and play, whatever their stage or personality!

But foodies! Don't worry! The cakes rarely get "smashed" and parents can take home the leftovers for a well deserved treat for themselves!

Bath time!

Not only serving to get baby clean and sparkling and ready for their next adventure this really shows off their personality and is often babies favourite part of the session! Splashing, exploring the textures of bubbles and just having fun! It's the perfect end to a wonderful first birthday experience!

Want to know more about booking a cake smash with me? Get in touch now!