Thinking you've missed the "newborn Photography" window?

Having a new baby can be an absolute whirlwind. Even with the 9 month of pregnancy build up to welcoming your little bundle, so much change and planning for the practical things can mean that those extra details, like organising a newborn portrait session, can slide by the way side.

Many photographers will only photograph babies during their first ten days of life because they want that super sleepy, super bendy and posable baby squishiness you only get early on. But, newsflash, all babies are a joy to photograph! Yes, as they get older they may not settle deeply as well, but that means we get beautiful eyes wide images instead. We see the beginnings of their emerging personality and if we're lucky we might even get a little smile (definitely not wind)!

This little lady was 5 weeks old when she came to her session with me, and we only got a moment of sleep despite trying lots of tricks! But the flip side is we got smiles, yawns and lots of expression in-between! A perfect little wonder!

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Becca x