Those early days of newborn life...

I get it. It can be daunting. Your world has changed in an instant and new Mums and Dads may be tempted to hibernate in the familiarly of home. It's comfortable. It's cosy. It's your little newborn bubble. And you might be so comfortable you completely forgo the idea of a newborn baby photoshoot all together. But these days go so fast when you look back they'll be a beautiful blur, so I'm here to tell you why I trip to the Little Wonderland Photography studio for baby and family portraits isn't a decision you'll ever regret.


So, easy may be staying in your PJs and getting through those first few weeks as best you can. Or you might be tempted by an in home portrait session (incidentally I'm happy to do documentary style) but that would mean you getting yourself, baby, other children and your home ready too! If you choose to come to my studio I'll be the one cleaning, tidying and preparing for your arrival, creating the perfect environment for a relaxed photoshoot which gets the absolute most out of your time with me. I do the tidying up afterwards too! So you'll be cool calm and collected for your photoshoot. Bonus! But what else is key to the perfect baby photoshoot?


A warm, dry, fed baby is a happy baby. And in newborn photography terms, warmth is key. My little studio has underfloor heating as well as stand alone heaters so I can ramp them up and make sure once baby settles in to that deep sleep we have the best chance keeping them that way. Cosy, curly, cute!

newborn baby wrapped neutral styling boho Little Wonderland Photography Widnes Cheshire


Photography is "10% inspiration and 90% moving furniture", and because I put 150% minimum in to all that I do, let's say it's another 50% light! When I can control the light consistently that means consistent results and you can be sure that your babies gallery will be as beautiful as all of the images you see here on my website. When I'm working in someone else's home, I'm never quite sure of what natural light will be available, be it too much (direct sunlight is the devil!) or too little (the cold dim blue light of the British winter is a beast I battle continuously) and although I'm always ready to adapt, using flash/natural light/studio light will give very different looks. I want to make sure you know what to expect from a session with me and deliver it every single time.

Newborn baby wrapped swaddles headband neutral boho styling Little Wonderland Photography Widnes Cheshire


I love being in my studio with everything on hand for any occurrence. Props, wraps, little cushions to add comfort for babies of all sizes. I never know how much I'll need until baby is here with me, they are all so different in their needs, and I'd hate to be caught out on location lacking in something that will help me perfect the shot for you. It's all here and ready for you so there's absolutely no worries that your session will go smoothly and I'll be ready to adapt to each individual babies needs, along with tweaking styling to suit your tastes.

Newborn baby sleeping in bonnet neutral boho styling Little Wonderland Photography Widnes Cheshire

Are you expecting?

Or maybe your baby has already arrived? If you are interested in celebrating your new arrival with timeless memories I can answer all your questions- just get in touch now :)

Becca x