Your bundle of joy

Have you ever wondered why many experienced newborn baby photographers love to wrap babies lovely and snug? Not only does it look gorgeous, but it also helps in practical ways that mean you get the absolute most out of your new baby photoshoot.

I'll often start my newborn baby sessions by making sure baby has a full tummy and a clean nappy and then getting my wrap on!

It works great for family images, sibling images and then babies opening solo images before heading on to any props that have been styled for the session.

It's practical and beautiful for these main reasons...


Wrapping a baby makes them feel safe and secure and recreates that cosy womb like feeling. Just days earlier they were snug in your tummy and they just love that comfort of feeling cosy and wrapped. If they feel secure and safe they'll sleep well. It also keeps their limbs neat and tidy, avoiding them flailing around like a crazy windmill, and prevents them from scratching their faces too!


Babies need three things (at least!) to enable them to sleep deeply. They need to be fed. They need to be dry. They need to be warm. Wrapping baby in breathable fabric allows them to feel just the right temperature for their photoshoot so they can be comfortable and settled for the session.

Of course, wrapping like this is just for the sake of art, never wrap your baby for bedtime in the way you see photographers do so, and definitely don't leave them with a hat on indoors to sleep.

Read more on safe sleep practice here.


During the first ten days of life, babies are at their smallest and most posable. They are bendy and curly and beautiful, and a great way of showing this is to wrap them with their legs tucked in to their tummies perfectly, maybe exposing their hands and feet for glimpses of newborn perfection.

Wrapping helps keep them tucked up, looking tiny, and keeping them safe.

And if your baby is slightly older? Don't fear you've missed the photography window- older babies can still be swaddled and all my sessions are adaptable to fit with your little ones developmental stage.


Wrapping a baby makes it easy to move them about.

Now, I'm not saying a swaddle means you can forgo the car seat and simply pop them in your handbag, or wedge them in your vintage bicycle basket along with your baguette and bunch of cabbage roses. Don't be ridiculous!

What I'm saying is a wrapped baby is easier to transition from one set up to another, meaning as an artist I can create various set ups with different looks to photograph your baby in, meaning you get the absolute most variety from your session.

From simple, fuss free set ups where baby just shines, to more complex props with beautiful styling, baby won't even flinch as I move them between set ups, maybe add a different wrap for variety, topping with a bonnet or a head band. Perfection.

Bring me your babies....

If you're expecting a new baby, check out my different session styles to find your perfect match. It's best to check availability for around your due date after your second scan, but if baby has already arrived please do still get in touch to see how I can help your family invest in your personal story.

Becca x