Tis' the time to give...

At this time of year we are all gearing up to celebrate and treat our loved ones to show them we care. It's also a time when charities need your help more than ever. Whilst you're deciding how big a turkey you'll need, others are struggling for basics like toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary wear and even nappies.

That's why I am supporting our local Hygiene Bank to give the gift of clean this Christmas.

If you are coming along to a session with me please do bring along any unused and unopened donations that could really help someone in need this year. It couldn't be easier- I bet you've an extra pack of nappies lurking in your cupboard or a BOGOF deodorant on shelf you can easily spare. See the list below for what's really needed.

Want to know more about the Hygiene Bank Halton? Click here.