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I always remember from when I had my daughter how quickly she’d grow in to the next size of nappies before I finished a pack, or I’d bogof a load of milk or baby food, only to find she hated it. Or I’d have multiple bottles of lotions and potions bought for me, only to find they didn’t suit her skin. Or I stockpiled breast pads only to find I had to switch to bottle feeding. Are you the same?

At Little Wonderland, I’m always aware that what I offer to my clients is a luxury that many who are less fortunate just can’t afford. For many, even the every day essentials are a struggle. Imagine not having the money to buy milk for your baby? Snacks for your toddler? Or nappies, meaning you can’t even leave the house. Or sanitary products meaning your teenager misses out on school. Sadly this is the reality for many local families, so if you can give back, I’ll help you do just that!

Please bring along any new and sealed or unused nappies, sanitary wear, hygiene products, baby food, powdered milk etc. to your session with me and I’ll pass them on to the wonderful folks at The Widnes Food Bank and The Hygiene Bank who make such a difference to so many.

As a thank you for your generosity you’ll get a bonus from me in the form of a little freebie print, digital, or product discount depending on your session type 

Full wish lists of accepted items and products along with more about these charities can be found here :…/what-products-do-you-collect/