Dear Mum-to-be...

You are amazing. You are a miracle. You are strong and beautiful and woman. Believe.

Your body is amazing. Celebrate it. You may only do this once and as the years quickly fly by you'll forget how amazing you looked, how you were transformed by love.

Don't be shy. Don't hide away. Be you. Be relaxed and confident in your own way, in a way that you are comfortable.

I truly believe that every mother-to-be should take a moment, a pause, to celebrate herself and the gift they are about to give, the gift of life.

That's why I currently offer the option of a complimentary Maternity portrait session with my main Newborn portrait sessions- you deserve it, I love it, I get to meet you before baby arrives and share in your excitement and anticipation.

However you are feeling, be it slightly shy or ready to rock your bump, I'll adapt this mini maternity session to you and how you feel glorious using my selection of cover ups, fabrics and gowns.

You'll get to see my studio, to imagine how it will be when you bring your brand new baby to me for portraits. It's almost like a rehearsal for your newborn session!

You'll feel relaxed, authentic and naturally you. If you want to know more, let me know.

I hope to see you and bump soon!

Becca x