Decisions, decisions

There's so many choices to make when expecting a new bundle of joy- where to deliver, how to feed them, what kind of nappies and of course what kind of photography session you'd like to invest in!

The big things to consider?

How much time do you want to spend at the session?

How many images and what kind of products would you love to cherish?

What kind of budget do you have?

Have you thought about maternity portraits?

What variety of images and looks would you like?

Everyone is absolutely different when it comes to these considerations, and that's why I have a selection of options to make sure you, as an individual, get exactly what you need from your new babies portrait session with me.

So what's the difference? Read on to find out.


This session is all about keeping it natural and authentic. It's all about you and baby, no fuss. All we need is your lovely faces and baby in a simple plain vest or your favourite outfit. This session lasts less than an hour so is baby led- baby may be awake or asleep, they set the pace. After the session you'll get to choose 3 digital images to keep as part of your package from your online viewing gallery.






If you fancy a little extra in your session, Seedling is for you. Not only will you get beautiful family/sibling images, you'll also have the chance to book a mini maternity portrait session at around your 32nd week of pregnancy to celebrate the wonder that is your body!

Seedling sessions focus on baby swaddled, all curly and cosy and perfect. Family/sibling images are included, along with all those little details of baby.

A neat 1 hour session, baby may be awake or asleep and you'll get to choose 5 images as digitals, 6x4" prints and a 12x8" print as part of your package.

Examples of Seedling Session images


Love the prop shots? Baby nestled in a rustic crate? Your little one cosy in a next of flowers? I've got you.

Your journey will start with a complimentary maternity mini if you fancy taking a moment to celebrate you!

Your Petal newborn session starts with baby swaddled in a wrap to compliment your chosen colour scheme, as we focus on baby and you as a family. We'll then move on to posing baby in a prop of your choice, styled to your colour scheme, and finish with baby posed in the outfit you choose from my wonderful newborn baby wardrobe.

1-2 hours in length, we'll aim to have baby asleep for the images and you'll get to choose 10 digital images and matching 6x4" prints, plus a 12x8" print as part of your package from your online viewing gallery.






The ultimate! Mini maternity session included- start your journey to motherhood feeling fabulous!

During this 1-3 hour session, we'll work through swaddled images, family/sibling images, your choice of two posing props, fully styled to your chosen colour scheme, plus images of baby in your choice of outfit from my baby wardrobe!

Hats, headbands, fabrics, textures, flowers, greenery, tiny teds and more will be on hand to create not just an image of your baby to cherish, but an experience to remember forever.

Within a week of your session I'll send you a link to your online viewing gallery, where you can choose your package images. Bloom includes a massive 15 digital images- yours to print and share how you like, where you like, plus matching 6x4" prints. You'll also get to select a feature image, which you'll receive as a 24x16" print. Your images will be delivered to you on a personalised wooden USB, engraved with your babies name.

So what now?

If you'd like me to send you more info/pricing just get in touch here, and if you'd like to know more about how the complimentary maternity sessions work please just ask.

All I need to know is your due date and then we can start dreaming of the possibilities together...

Becca x